My Man In Berlin

enjoy Berlin, we do the rest.

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Regierungsviertel Berlin
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Otto Lilienthal Statue Berlin
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Der Rufer (Strasse de 17. Juni) Berlin
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Lerter Bahnhof (Hauptbahnhof) Berlin
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Ku-Damm Berlin
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Oberbaumbrücke Berlin
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Regierungsviertel Berlin

some Berlin impressions seen by BearsEyeView

Tom Berens
+49 172 2654352

Tom Berens

Started this company in 2005 first as a janitor but more and more specialist on concierge and personal service for home owner …
George Soti
+49 176 99111760

Goerge Soti

Before seattling down in Berlin ten years ago,George Soti lived in Hungary,England and Australia.He worked as a private chef de cuisine for a diplomatic family as well as in the kitchen or „on the floor“ of some of the international restaurants of the InterContinental hotel chain.He also was part of the service team of Berlin`s well known Hotel Ellington. He speaks five languages fluently.
My Man in Berlin
Barbarossastrasse 26
10779 Berlin