My Man In Berlin

enjoy Berlin, we do the rest.

Meet and Greet

After a long journey the last thing you, or a guest, needs is trouble getting access to your Berlin residence.
Once home, we can bring you up to speed with any developments to your property in the time you have been away.
Or if we are welcoming a guest on your behalf, we will "show them the ropes" of your property, and answer any immediate problems either "on the spot" or at any time on the My Man In Berlin "Hotline"

+49 172 2654352

Full Concierge Service

In the most traditional of ways and in the style of the grandest of hotels, My Man In Berlin offers the complete Concierge Service.

Absolutely ANYTHING you want can be obtained.

After years of living and operating in Berlin we have the contacts to find whatever you need to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We make no value judgement other than to make sure you have the very best time imaginable.

Flowers, tickets, food for the fridge, little incidental pleasures, can all be sourced and delivered in our usual cool and unfussy way.

My Man In Berlin has been around the block for a while, and so let us know what you want, and we will do our damnedest to make sure you get it.

Tour Guide

You already know that Berlin is an amazing city with history etched into every street corner and cobblestone.

The tourist path is well trodden and visitors never cease to marvel at the City of the Bear and the diversity of its offerings.

My Man In Berlin is exactly that - A Man In Berlin. We have living, breathing, 1st. hand knowledge of the sights, sounds and textures of this remarkable place.

Whatever your passion or interest, we can match you with personable experts in those fields - to steer you through the myriad of possibilities.

Tickets, entrances to museums, or guides to explore the hidden secrets of Berlin; we can 100% guarantee that you will see sights, and undergo experiences rarely enjoyed by the casual visitor.

Tell us what you want from this city and we will make sure she gives up her secrets with the furtive passion of a "secret mistress". Forcing her to reveal a little bit more of herself with each successive visit, so you remain hooked and keep coming back for more…

Correspondence and Bills

My Man In Berlin will make sure that either your, or your guests´ holiday, starts the moment you step across the threshold of your Berlin home.
Owning Property in Germany is beset with traps and pitfalls for someone for whom German is not their native tongue.

My Man In Berlin can be instructed by you to open and read any "official" business-looking mail to make sure you don´t fall foul of any requirements and payments.

It is all to easy to have vital supplies cut off through not fully understanding local business behavior.

My Man In Berlin can manage a special "householders" account, which is transparently maintained, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and there are no unexpected "bumps in the road".


There can be nothing more time consuming then having to cook when you are actually trying to enjoy Berlin !!

Sometimes however, it is nice to "eat in" or invite someone round for a special meal. We have the perfect solution:

My Man In Berlin - Catering

One of our team is a top chef of over 20 years experience can create whole meals for you and deliver them however you want, beautifully presented or ready to throw in the oven.

He can, of course cook on the premises - or he can prepare all the food in advance and deliver it to your fridge or door at your request. So all you have to do is heat it up and take all the praise!

Give us a budget, or choose from our menu, and we will deliver a sumptuous dining experience - leaving you time to concentrate on being "the host with the most!"

My Man in Berlin
Ansbacher Str. 76
10779 Berlin